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Balun for QFH mix antennas


This is an open-source hardware design, one of the modules from the MLAB labolatory system.

QFHBAL01 - Antenna interface and balun

Balun for QFH antennas

QFH antenna balun

Mechanical drawing

QFHBAL01 Dimensions

Electrical interface

Balun connection

Helices Feedpoint Radiation Polarization
Left-hand Standard Upward RHCP
Right-hand Anti-standard Upward LHCP
Left-hand Anti-standard Downward RHCP
Right-hand Standard Downward LHCP


Main Parameters

  • Polarization configurations: RHCP, LHCP
  • Insertion Loss 2 dB
  • Amplitude balance +/- 1 dB
  • Phase Balance +/- 20 degree (°)
  • Maximum RF power 250 mW (+23 dBm)
  • Maximum DC current 30 mA
  • Operating Temperature -55 °C to +85 °C
  • Dimensions: 32mm diameter 20mm height (including RF connector)
  • Weight 10 g