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Universal Arduino based data logger to SDcard.


This is an open-source hardware design, one of the modules from the MLAB labolatory system.

DATALOGGER01 - MLAB's Versatile processor module

The DATALOGGER01 is a versatile electronic module designed by MLAB, containing an ATmega1284p processor. The module is programmable in the Arduino IDE and compatible with a variety of development environments and programming languages.


One of the significant features of this module is an SD card slot, a convenient provision for data logging from the processor. With a built-in battery holder, the module ensures uninterrupted operation without reliance on an external power supply.

The DATALOGGER01 exhibits a range of applications, thanks to its I2C, UART, ADC input, and GPIO pins. Additionally, it's furnished with a power switch to effectively manage power consumption of connected devices.

Setting it apart, the module includes an EEPROM AT23CS64, containing a unique serial number to distinguish logs from different DATALOGGER01-based devices. Moreover, it comprises a PCF85263 RTC circuit, with the option to connect a backup battery.

Key Features:

  • Processor: ATmega1284p
  • Interoperability: Compatibility with Arduino and supports a range of other development platforms and programming languages.
  • Data Logging: An SD Card Slot for extensive data storage.
  • Power Management: Self-sufficient with an integrated battery holder.
  • Connectivity Options: Diverse interfacing options with I2C, UART, ADC input, and GPIO pins.
  • Energy Efficiency: Onboard power switch for managing external devices' power consumption.
  • Unique Identification: Inbuilt EEPROM AT23CS64 with a unique serial number.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Inclusion of a PCF85263 RTC circuit with backup battery connectivity.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Data Collection: Can collect, store, and analyze data from various sensors and devices.
  • Remote Monitoring: Can be incorporated into IoT systems for remote data collection and monitoring.
  • Autonomous Systems: Suitable for devices needing independent functioning.
  • Space Research: Applicable as data loggers and locator devices for stratospheric balloons.

In Action:

  • The DATALOGGER01 module has proven its efficacy in:
  • GEODOS01: A fully autonomous scintillation detector incorporating LoRa IoT, operating without human intervention.
  • FÍK stratospherics balloons Avionics: DATALOGGER1 played a important role as a data logger and locator in the stratospheric balloons' avionics organized by ODZ ÚJF.


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